Info and Frequently Asked Questions

Payments and Insurance Reimbursement

All About Speech, Inc. is a cash-based clinic and does not file claims to insurance companies. Payment in full is collected at time of service and acceptable forms of payment include: checks, credit cards and cash.

For more details on payment terms and answers to common questions regarding insurance reimbursement, click the Insurance FAQ button.

First Visit Information

Before Scheduling an initial appointment, please contact the office.

For the initial evaluation please bring the following:

  • Preferred food items to eat within the various textures listed below:

    • Soft food (e.g.: pudding or applesauce)
    • Snack foods (e.g.: goldfish or chips)
    • Chewy foods (e.g.: meat, dried fruits)
    • Crunchy foods (e.g.: apples or carrots)
    • Food you need to bite with your front teeth (e.g.: granola bar, cookie)
  • A metal spoon or a spoon typically used at home
  • Water bottle or drink container typically being used at home or school.
  • Signed copy of the All About Speech Consent Form
  • A copy of medical records and pictures (ENT, Allergist, Orthodontist, Dentist) and/or previous speech assessment reports. The more information, the better!!
  • Complete the online Intake Form (you will receive a confirmation email once submitted)
  • Currently worn night-guards, tooth positioners, or removable appliances.
  • For young children who have difficulty warming-up to new people: A “show and tell” item or picture.

Electronic Recording Consent Form

In the course of therapy, it is often beneficial to electronically record/document aspects of the session(s) to provide excellent care, track progress, and assist in parent training.  Accordingly, All About Speech, Inc. requires a signed consent form indicating agreement to photograph, audio tape and/or video tape evaluation and treatment sessions for use solely for instructional, educational and diagnosis purposes.  Please click the Consent Form button to download the form to be printed out, signed, and brought to the first session.


To help stop the spread of germs and sickness to others, please do not bring your child to the office if he/she has the following symptoms:

  • Fever, Body aches
  • Cough/sore throat, or (especially) a continuous cough
  • Breathing trouble, swollen glands or loss of voice
  • Eye infections
  • Vomiting/Diarrhea: 2 or more times in a 24 hour period

You will not be charged for sudden cancellation due to illness provided you notify the office prior to your appointment.

Inclement Weather

The office follows the Beaverton School District delay and closure schedule in the event of inclement weather.